Sunflower Challenge: Week 14 July 09

It’s all over.  The race has been run and the sunflowers are exhausted.  There is no growth to report this week.  The petals are falling and seeds are forming.  This will be my last sunflower post.  Good fun while it lasted and last year’s seeds had an outing.  Home compost was used and pots from the shed were found.  All in all a no cost project that gave a focus to the week.  I couldn’t always post on Wednesday and Thursday became my day of choice.  So here it ends. 

Last week there was more wind to contend with and number five fell head first into the water butt.  I belatedly decided that a brick would help to keep things stable. 




The plants have languished in the final week and the finishing heights are  Number One: 97cms – Number Two: 114 cms – this one was the first to flower and is now dropping its head very determinedly.  It could be on its way out.  Number Three: 150cms, Number Four: 162cms and Number Five : 180cms. 

Thanks for the idea  @GardeningGent.  I shall be there on twitter for the judging day on August 16th.  Looking forward to seeing those with a little more stamina! 

3 thoughts on “Sunflower Challenge: Week 14 July 09

    • If I could put them in the ground, then maybe. But watering the pots was a chore! I’m sure they would have grown more and lasted longer in the ground. At least it kept me focused on something in strange times.

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