Sunflower Challenge: Week 13 July 02

Just pretend it’s Wednesday, even if it is Thursday.  Here’s the latest news.  Following the heat we had some very windy days here and calamity came a knocking.  Knocking all pots over.  Fortunately no damage was done but the sunflowers had to spend a good few days huddled in a corner out of the worst of the winds.

They have all flowered and one or two are looking a little frayed around the edges.  I fear this bonny crew will be finished before judging day.  

And here’s this week’s heights: Number One: 97cms – Number Two: 114 cms – this one was the first to flower and is now dropping its head very determinedly.  It could be on its way out.  Number Three: 150cms, Number Four: 162cms and Number Five : 180cms. 

Challenge details

Judging  day: Sunday August 16th,  Categories are: Tallest, Largest Flower, Best Looking, Most Bees on a Flower at the Same Time, Strangest/Funniest and Best Junior Entry.

This has come from a great idea put forward by @GardeningGent.  Sow sunflower seeds on April 1 and then report weekly updates. Mine are from a variety unknown seed packet left from last year.  All seeds were sown in peat free compost and then moved on to 10 litre pots filled with home made compost and a sprinkling of Fish, Bone and Blood. 

More to come next Wednesday or possibly Thursday. 🙂 

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