Sunflower Challenge: Week 11 June 18

It seems that I like posting on Thursdays.  It seems I often get distracted on Wednesdays.  I don’t why but if it works, it works.

There was an interesting development on Monday as number two plant tipped its flower head forward and by Wednesday the flower had begun to open.  I hope it hasn’t peaked too soon.  There’s a long way to go until August 16th.

Here’s this week’s heights: Number One: 70 cms – a surge from the 48cms of last week,  Number Two: 110 cms – this is the one that has almost flowered, Number Three: 140cms, Number Four: 137 cms and Number Five : 15 4cms – another one that has had a surge  in growth.  

Challenge details


Judging  day: Sunday August 16th,  Categories are: Tallest, Largest Flower, Best Looking, Most Bees on a Flower at the Same Time, Strangest/Funniest and Best Junior Entry.

This has come from a great idea put forward by @GardeningGent.  Sow sunflower seeds on April 1 and then report weekly updates. Mine are from a variety unknown seed packet left from last year.  All seeds were sown in peat free compost and then moved on to 10 litre pots filled with home made compost and a sprinkling of Fish, Bone and Blood. 


More to come next Wednesday or possibly Thursday. 🙂 

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