Sunflower Challenge: Week 10 June 11

Yes, I know it’s Thursday, honest I do.  The bin men come tomorrow so it’s a marker day.  Wednesday should also be a marker day as that is the day for reporting progress to @GardeningGent.  Sorry for going awol but it was cold and wet yesterday and other jobs were calling louder.  I hope this minor divergence does not disqualify me. 

Great excitement to report on the challenge. Gardening Gent has set the judging date.  So in the year when the British Summer is devoid of the usual events I now have a red ring around Sunday August 16th,  Judgement day.  Categories are: Tallest, Largest Flower, Best Looking, Most Bees on a Flower at the Same Time, Strangest/Funniest and Best Junior Entry.  I was hoping for saddest as number 1 plant is still very sad.  But hey ho. 

Here’s this week’s heights. Number One: 48cms, which is a bit of a growth spurt, Number Two: 103 cms, Number Three: 107cms, Number Four: 111cms and Number Five : 104cms, which is a bit of slow down.  

I have realised that putting them on the steps will present a photographic challenge next week.  This may be last week I show the very attractive black pots – so edgy. – as it will be difficult to get all the plants in one shot.  

To end on an optimistic note, the flowers buds are very clear.  Much to look forward to.

This has come from a great idea put forward by @GardeningGent.  Sow sunflower seeds on April 1 and then report weekly updates. Mine are from a variety unknown seed packet left from last year.  All seeds were sown in peat free compost and then moved on to 10 litre pots filled with home made compost and a sprinkling of Fish, Bone and Blood.  Yum!

More to come next Wednesday or possibly Thursday. 

2 thoughts on “Sunflower Challenge: Week 10 June 11

  1. This looks like an interesting challenge. Interesting to read about, certainly. I’m not sure it would be my thing. I fear I’d be looking for Saddest Sunflower category also. But I picked up a good tip from you about peat-free compost. Many thanks. Best wishes for the judging!

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