Six on Saturday

Oh Lordy. Late again.  But here are my six



Jobs to be done.  My evergreen aganpanthuses were divided and repotted in spring.  They responded brilliantly, sending up multiple spires that burst into fireworks of blue in August.  This one in a long tom didn’t get treated so well and recently popped its pot in revenge.  I am going to repot this week.  Honest.  I promise.



The greenhouse. Dark and gloomy.  The last tomatoes have gone to the compost heap. Now the greenhouse needs a wash down, the moss scraped out of the frames and a bit of a weed.  I need to make room for the agapanthuses to come inside along with a lemon tree.  They are both beginning to feel the cold so I need to get on and do this pdq.  Being London based I do bask in a climate bubble but I feel I may be pushing it a bit.



That’s better.  Some sunshine and winter colour.  I bought some supermarket violas and planted them up.  A five minute cheer me up job.  Very happy now!



Spring is coming. There are buds on the Rhododendron.  The pale purple flowers begin in May.  I think it is very old, judging by its size and I hope it is not giving up on me.  I have noticed some of the leaves are yellowing.



I was about to cut the French Lavender back in September when I spotted some new buds.  They have just started to flower.  I think they will be short-lived as the temperature falls but I had to give them a chance to shine.



The borlotti beans are beginning to dry off.  Again, I’m chancing it!  I am keeping an eye on the overnight temperatures but I think I will have to pick them this week.  I will put them straight into plastic bags and freeze them – no par boiling.

That’s my Six on Saturday. Thanks to The Propagator for hosting. Read his blog posts and all the other Six on Saturday posts at The Propagator my plant obsession

Wishing you all a great gardening week.



5 thoughts on “Six on Saturday

  1. Oh good grief. My greenhouse is filthy. Was looking at it in the sunshine today. Will be difficult to give the inside a thorough clean as the staging is all heavyweight and not moving easily. But the outside I should clean. Another job to add to the list…

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  2. Nice six pack. I’ve seen worse greenhouses than yours (and I’m a bit envious that you don’t have staging, shelving and other stuff fixed to the frame to impede your cleaning efforts). Have you ruled out a touch of chlorosis on your rhodo? Don’t forget that large-leaved rhodos tend to have heavier leaf loss every 3-4 years; one of these days I’ll bother to research why. I always judge by the buds. If they’re plump and healthy, then the plant’s ok.

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    • Thanks so much for yr comment The rhododendron is so old that I’m sure the root spread is v wide. I emptied a box of ericacious feed around it last year. I think it maybe that the bottom half was strongly cut back before we moved in and is now regrowing strongly. I think it could be taking energy from the top half. But I didn’t know about the leaf fall. That’s interesting.


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