Book review- The Garden Photography Workshop by Andrea Jones

Sounds like the ideal book for gardening bloggers who need a constant supply of good quality photos. Thumbs up

Thomas Stone MCI Hort MPGCA

ok I admit, I was very lucky to win a copy of this book from a twitter competition when the book first came out and I have to be honest and say I would of brought it anyway so it just saved me a few pennies. I have had a love of photography since I was about 16, when I brought my first SLR camera, a Canon. Many years of playing around, trying to get the photos right, I did take some good ones but never excellent. That passion has been relighted over the past 8years, my trusty film canon has been changed for one of the Canon Rebels but despite reading some books and magazines, I haven’t felt I have got to grips with my camera and indeed taking quality photos in the garden regularly. Nearly all the books I have read, focused more on the technical side which…

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