Six on Saturday

I was musing on what would be the six for this saturday.  The garden is going into autumn and the newly planted border doesn’t have that extended season content in it yet.  The veg patch has some parsnips, a second sowing of carrots and the very shabby end of season cukes and courgettes.  A brief glimpse of sun enticed me into the garden and suddenly the six came into focus.

Erigeron karvinskianus

Erigeron karvinskianus or Mexican fleabane .  I’d always hankered for a crop of this spilling through the rocky walls of a border.  And the new garden had just the right spot.  Three small plants purchased from the good growers at Finchley Horticultural Society have spread out this summer to cover a bare patch.  They have dropped seeds and I am hoping these will have tumbled into the nooks and crannies of the border walls and that new plants will weave their way around the stones for next summer’s display.  They are looking just perfect right now.

R.Natasha RichardsonOn the opposite side of the garden, the very lovely R. Natasha Richardson is still sending out new buds.  This was also acquired through an FHS sale, it was a donation from one of the society’s twitter followers.  It has flowered all summer long.  The bed is south facing and was mulched with horse manure last autumn. The rose was fed with Toprose after its first flowering and then recently with Fish, Bone and Blood.

And surprisingly, to me at least, the cowslips have been flowering on and off all year. They are nestled in amongst some Japanese irises in a damp border.  The irises have become a little thuggish and I am admiring this cowslip’s resilience as it holds onto its ground.  It’s only the first year in the border for the irises and I will let them flower again before I thin them out.

Passion flower

This is an inherited plant and a bit of an attention grabber.  It is a passion flower, passiflora caerulea, that grows up and over an arch.  At this time of the year some of the flowers are turning to fruits.  Their soft orange skins open to reveal a raspberry like fruit inside.  The fruit can be eaten when it’s really ripe but its not a patch on the real passion flower fruit.  I just enjoy those orange yellow bursts of colour amongst the greenery.


And here is some more fruit from the garden.  This is from the persimmon tree.   Although some fruit has dropped there is more on it than last year.  If I am lucky it may ripen for October or November.  I have my fingers crossed.

And lastly. More fruit that really doesn’t look as though it will ripen.


Last year we managed a small crop of figs in August.  This year although there is plenty of fruit, none of it has ripened.  From experience there is very little ripe fruit to gather in November and the squirrels always seem to get up earlier anyway.  I have been told to wrap plastic bags around the branches to help the ripening process but so far I have resisted.  The view from the kitchen window would just be too weird.

That’s my Six on Saturday. Thanks to The Propagator for hosting. Read his blog posts and Six on Saturday at The Propagator my plant obsession

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