Six on Saturday

This is the second September in the new garden and I am beginning to feel that I know my way around it.  Although much of the garden was giving way to weeds there were a few surprises tobe found.  Two of those surprises are now producing seeds.

Iris foetidissimaThe first is Iris foetidissima, known as the stinking iris.  These have found a home for themselves in two very shady corners.  They are now in the seed stage.  When the seed pod is ripe it bursts open and seed is thrown everywhere.  I am hoping that seed dispersal will be successful as the flower is quite intriguing for a dark corner and it doesn’t seem to stink.

Arum italicum

The second is Arum italicum, or lords and ladies, at least I think this is what I have. There is only one plant of this in the garden.  The RHS regards it as a thug plant as it can spread very easily so I will have to keep an eye on it.  I  discovered it when I cleared a patch of ground elder.  If it keeps the ground elder at bay it may stay.

applesThis September does feel like the ‘season of mists and mellow fruitfulness’.  The main job for this weekend is the picking of the apples, the great majority of which will be taken off for juicing.  We can then enjoy our apple crop through autumn and on into winter.  I have very little idea of the variety of apples that grow.  Those shown here are from the biggest and oldest tree and are a lovely colour right now.  Two other trees were labelled so I know there is a Braeburn and a Coxes Orange Pippin.

plum treeThere are also two plum trees.  This week one of the trees was pruned back.  It was hard to find a dry day for it but I didn’t want to leave it any longer.  I had done my best earlier in the year, now it was time to get the height reduced to a manageable size.  The branches were heavy with fruit and once they were heaped onto a table picking the plums was an easy job.


And there are still more plums to come.  My sixth six will be making jam, probably not this Saturday to be honest, but very soon.  Meanwhile autumn continues to ‘ fill all fruit with ripeness to the core’ – John Keats, To Autumn.

That’s my Six on Saturday. Thanks to The Propagator for hosting. Read his blog posts and Six on Saturday at The Propagator my plant obsession

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