Six on Saturday

Here’s a Six on Saturday in one bowl.  And a little more about the story of the garden.

Although they are taking back stage in the photo, the beans are the most exciting crop this week.  They are Blue Lake and were planted in June and at the shady end of the garden.  This is the first crop so it’s an hallelujah moment.  Of course there are courgettes, still producing in a quiet corner.  There are cherry tomatoes Red Choice, free seeds from Gardeners World magazine.  This was my first year of growing tomatoes from seed and I was very unadventurous.  It was also the first year of growing them in a greenhouse.  Only six plants made it to the greenhouse grow bags. The rest were planted outside where they got blight.  Of course.   With tomatoes comes basil, some grown outside and some in the greenhouse.  Both have produced well but the greenhouse plants still look lush.  The cucumber is the reliable outdoor variety, burpless.  Two plants were bought from the Finchley Horticultural Society plant sale and have done well over the summer and there are at least a couple more cucumbers to come.  And number six is the intriguing cucamelon.  Also an FHS purchase, I grew it outside, twining round a wigwam and it has just reached the top.  Cucamelons are probably more productive in a greenhouse but I should be able to pick them until the first frosts.  They are grape sized, look like very tiny watermelons and taste a little like cucumbers.  Good snack with a g&t?

All these are growing in the vegetable patch at the end of the garden.  When we moved house I gave up my full sun allotment plot and set to work repairing the greenhouse, weeding and mulching the beds in the new garden.  The veg patch faces west but is very shaded by trees.  The soil needs nurturing and I will be adding more horse manure soon. Results this year have been just about okay.  Small onions and potatoes, less courgettes, and some lovely straight carrots, Nantes 2 variety.  Next year I will grow a variety of tomatoes and concentrate on getting the soil right.  More to come on being new to greenhouse growing.

Thanks to The Propagator for hosting Six on Saturday  Read his Six on Saturday at The Propagator my plant obsession

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